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greenbubblewrap's Journal

This Community's Only Qualified to Work on Sailors
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Weary in your heart and soul of Nu Who? Already sick of Season Four? Divorced? Harassed by creditors? Consider this your one-stop shop for Classic Who fun, amusement and squee of various sorts. Everyone who enjoys Classic Who is welcome, whether you've been watching it for decades or are still wandering around going, "The Second Doctor's the one with the really long scarf, right?" If you'd like to set up a Classic Who viewing schedule of some sort, as an alternative for when your flist explodes with Nu Who talk every week, then go for it. Your moderator is easy that way, as well as too lazy to bother setting up one herself.


1. As noted, everyone is welcome here, no matter their level of "expertise" in Classic Who. It's not a contest, so don't be shy.

2. Classic Who = Doctors One through Eight and anything Academy-era, plus any connected audios, tie-in novels, comics, etc. that you may enjoy. Canon is whatever you say it is. If it happened pre-Nine in some capacity, jumping up and down about it is welcome here. (Yes, I know the Eighth Doctor may not be "Classic Who," strictly speaking, but if that particular argument starts again it'll never stop.) Oh, and REG!Nine is fine as well, if you like him. (See above, re: strictly speaking.)

3. Don't stomp on anyone else's favorite Doctor/companion/serial, even if you hate said favorite Doctor/companion/serial, re that jumping up and down thing. However, mercilessly mocking and taking the piss out of your own favorite Doctor/companion/serial just to show the true, unassailable depths of your love is not only permitted, but encouraged.

4. Yes, I know the serials have been out for decades now, but many people are still watching them for the first time so put any and all spoilers behind a cut. Please also put any large pictures, long fic or anything sexually explicit behind a cut as well.

5. Artwork, fic and such are welcome, with the following caveats:

a. Classic Who characters only, please. Any fic or artwork containing Nu Who characters, even in a Classic Who setting, should be posted on one of the 87,972 other comms out there for that purpose. (No, your mods have nothing against Eight/Rose or Two/Martha or Ten/Sarah Jane or anything of the sort, we just want to keep the focus on the Classic Who characters where it belongs.)

b. Fictional characters only, please, no RPF.

c. Gen, het, slash, crossovers, AUs and any variations thereon are all welcome. As noted, please put anything large, long or lusty behind a cut tag.

6. Inasmuch as your moderator once proudly coined the phrase "fannish Eeyore," this is still a "Tigger" community--it's a place to talk about what you really like and enjoy and what makes you happy about the classic show. That said, critical thought about what did or didn't work for you about any random serial/book/audio is fine too. We're aiming for a lighthearted tone overall, but there's no Happiness Patrol out to police your posts. The rhythm is not gonna get you, either.

7. Repeated rule-breaking and trolling will get you banned, but you knew that.

He Vaguely Tolerates Them All